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Renee Buller

Renée Buller is a wildlife artist from Castle Rock, Colorado: Oil paintings on linen canvas capture the abundance of the natural beauty of the outdoors. Renee is a native to Colorado, and focuses her landscape and wildlife paintings on the habitat and animals of North America and beyond. Artists and collectors liken her work to that of Bob Kuhn and Ken Carlson though it is clear that her style is uniquely her own.

At first glance, it’s tempting to see Buller as an impressionist. Certainly her bold strokes, dramatic focus and exuberant approach to color are all graduates of that school. But it simply isn’t possible to look at one of Buller’s remarkable studies once without looking again...

" simply isn't possible to look at one of Buller's remarkable studies once without looking again, which is when you're struck by a marvelously subtle, and subtly brassy, brand of realism that is uniquely her own. Although rendered with a swift and forceful brush, Buller's birds are perfectly formed and true from crest to claw, ready to leap into life in a flurry of fuss and feathers." —Stephen Knapp